Apologetics and Debates: Are they worth it?

I have met many people who say that debates and apologetics are worthless and even detrimental to the Christian faith. They say that Christianity is all about faith and if you need proof you don’t understand faith.

If I remember correctly, though, Jesus SHOWED Himself alive to His disciples. He even made a special appearance for “doubting Thomas.” Simply having faith for faith’s sake doesn’t make the Bible true or Jesus God. If it was faith that made something true then every religious book (The Koran, Book of Mormon) would be true because they also claim to be God’s Word and they require faith.

Faith is only as good as its object. Christians have a great reason to believe, Jesus physically arose and physically appeared! Without this fact, Christianity is worthless (1 Corinthians 15)! There are good reasons to believe the Bible: Historical Accuracy, Preservation, Internal Reliability, Fulfilled Prophecy, Changed Lives, and most of all Jesus’ Resurrection.

It’s not a blind faith that saves, but one that looks to Jesus.

There is an upcoming debate between Ken Hamm and Bill Nye. I am looking forward to this. If you believe that apologetics and debates do not help, you may just need to talk to more people.

I know men who were saved after watching debates and realized that Theism is a logical, defendable, and even provable position. They simply needed to know that they were not throwing their brain to the wind. Others just never heard of arguments that showed God’s handiwork in the physical universe and His necessity in creation.

Personally, if it wasn’t for apologetics I may not be a Christian today. I need to know that what I believe is TRUE. Not just good. We are commanded to love God with our heart, soul, and mind.

I have been praying for this upcoming debate since I first heard about it and would encourage you to also! This debate could lead many people who misjudge Christianity to reconsider!

Ben Schettler has some good thoughts on why this upcoming debate could be crucial for thousands and even you! 
It may not change everyone, but if one soul is saved then praise God it’s worth all the effort, study, money, and prayers that have gone into this debate!