The Light of Christmas


What is the point of Christmas day?
The weeks before are full of pain.
During this time nothing is mundane.

We’re supposed to rest, but there is no way.
We get less sleep then we did before.
Many shop till they hit the floor.

We call this season a “holiday.”
Yet, the shopping and lines fill us all with fear.
With multitudes so great there is no cheer.

“It’s a time for joy” we like to say.
But, when the bills come in, we will soon regret,
All the gifts we bought have put us in debt.

We get excited because we get to play.
The toys we get will never fulfill.
The pressures of life will be there still.

The presents we open make us shout “YAY,”
But we move on in a week or two.
There are bigger and nicer things we want to pursue.

There is one gift that will never decay;
It’s not friends or family they can fail,
And the food leftover will soon grow stale.

The gift of Salvation came to stay.
Christmas is about the Light that came from above.
With Him is unending and abiding love.

Christmas isn’t about a man in a sleigh.
It’s about a God who reigns on high.
The Creator of all born to die.

So when you see the lights in array,
Remember that Jesus is who it’s all about,
With your focus on Him how can you pout?

A gift so great we can never repay;
Focus on Christ during this special time.
Life lived for Him will be much more sublime.