A Call to Repentance

I read the post and thought, “So true, this could really help people!” Then the Holy Spirit said, “other people? What about you?”

When Daniel saw the sin of his people he didn’t judge them, he interceded, placing himself amongst the perpetrators. When Isaiah saw a holy God he didn’t think of others iniquities alone, he humbled himself. When two men prayed in the story by Jesus, one said, “I thank thee I am not as the publican” and left dirtier than before. The sinner prayed “Be merciful to me” and left cleaner than the religious man. I needed this.

Evangelist Dave Young

We are in a mess, aren’t we? Murder is so often in the news it sounds almost normal.  Adultery is glamorized and glorified in commercial after commercial and in one television program after another.  Homosexuality is applauded along with transgenderism and every other kind of morally questionable “ism” as well.  Divorce is so common-place that it is increasingly difficult to find a kid who lives with both parents.  Political corruption abounds.  Anger is destroying businesses and families and even lives.  I live in small-town, rural, conservative, churches- everywhere, southern America and our neighborhood has recently been plagued with drive-by shootings and national-news-making murders. Every perusal of a Facebook newsfeed provides increasing evidence of the mess we are in morally, politically, and even religiously.

Here is how Peter addressed the moral corruption of his day.  “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God” (1 Peter…

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