I love being a Christian

I love being a Christian.
I think sometimes We give off the feeling that following Jesus is always difficult or unhappy. This is not true. The best way to live is with every ounce of your being yielded to Christ. When you follow the Good Shepherd He leads you to greener pastures of hope, joy, and peace. When you deny yourself, The Creator gives you His power to love the unlovable. When you take up your cross, you can know a fellowship and companionship with the Savior of the world, Life Himself, that you won’t find in any other relationship. Jesus is enough.
Give Him every ounce of affection. Yield every thought to His will. Lay aside your life dreams and join The Messiah in His redemptive plan for the world. Lay down your toys and lay up treasures in heaven. Take your eyes off the TV and turn them towards a world which God has saved if only they will hear and believe. Believe that YOU can be used to glorify The Master.
If this life is the only reality, run to sin, pleasure, and comfort with reckless abandon, But, if there is a God who loves you, live with reckless abandon for Jesus, claim EVERY promise of Scripture in faith, lay up trophies in heaven to show your devotion, and reach souls with whom you can spend eternity priaising The Lamb that saved you from your own self-destruction. If Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, then live like it. You’ll never regret it.