The Wal-Mart Lady’s God

This is a message that every Christian needs to read: Great truth and heart-to-heart genuineness.

Just Chasing Sunsets


“Who is your God?” she asked as she placed my shampoo and Ramen in a shopping bag. Her bottled, fiery red hair fell in front of her eyes as I was taken aback by her question. This pointed question was brought on by my offer of a tract that told her how to get to heaven. I guess I must have paused too long for her quick tongue because before I could answer her with a well thought-out spiritual answer, she explained her question.

​“I ask, ‘cause that guy over there at register 2? His god is Allah. That’s why he wears that thing on his head. I asked once. Chica on register 4? Her god is Buddha or something like that. She has a little fat man in her locker. I figure your God must be pretty important to you if you are talking to me about Him.” Her…

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