The Gospel: Through Angel’s Eyes

They sang before there was even a past.

They saw the beginning in it’s mighty blast;

Creation exploding from the mouth of God;

Man being created from below the sod.


Each one made a choice as Satan rebelled.

Some chose to stay; the rest were felled.

Many were humble and followed their King.

Some were proud and to Satan did cling.


The faithful ones watched on that dreadful day

When mankind chose sin, God provided a Way;

They watched as a lamb was slain for man’s act.

And to Eve God made a glorious pact.


They heard Him promise a Seed that would win.

A Man born of a virgin to destroy all our sin.

A full understanding they never could gain.

They couldn’t imagine God enduring such pain.


I’m sure they wondered as Jesus was born in a stable.

God in the flesh, they must have thought it a fable.

Why was their King taking on weakness;

The Creator of all was acting in meekness?


They saw as Omnipotence grew in wisdom and stature.

This great mystery they just couldn’t capture.

They saw as Omniscience obeyed His dad.

His majesty robed in flesh, and in humility clad.


They observed as His virtue healed wounded and lame.

The people He touched were never the same.

A prostitute woman He protected and forgave.

As He rode on a donkey, a way they did pave.


The men who should have known Him denied his great worth.

The religious couldn’t believe that God would come down to earth.

They tried to deceive and make Him stumble.

He always answered without one little fumble.


These listened as He told each little story.

God was living with men, but where was His glory?

He wasn’t rebuking the sinful and responding in hate.

He was acting as if He had no estate.


As He wept in the garden I know that they thought,

The blood He was shedding would be why they fought.

They would destroy the world when He gave the command.

And when He was betrayed, they didn’t understand:


He stood there and suffered as they accused Him all night.

By the end of the scourging, the Creator was a fright.

A sinner, a murderer, the people set free.

“They betrayed the Almighty; how can this be?”


They floated around waiting for the word to destroy.

Ten thousand of these warriors ready to deploy.

Yet, He hung there and suffered, and bled and He sighed.

His wounds for man’s sin a payment supplied.


“What? Why?” They must have cried.

“This is not right! He shouldn’t have died!”

The answer to that mystery the angels saw,

Was me… My sin. My every flaw.


The Jesus they worshipped in all power and might

Was crucified before their very sight.

It wasn’t for them, they didn’t need redeemed.

Impossible, unfathomable to them it seemed.


But this isn’t the end. God didn’t lose.

Satan thought he killed Him, but that’s not all the news.

Three days later, just like Jesus said,

He conquered the grave and arose from the dead.


His servants were confused; it couldn’t be true!

But the ones He created, surely they knew?

Some things are hid in God’s Holy Book.

Not even the spirits see, and they took a look.


They do not know the love that we do.

When I look at the cross it blows my mind too.

Our salvation is special; don’t ever despise!

This is the gospel through angel’s eyes.


1 Peter 1:12 Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.


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