God Isn’t Fair


As I looked at this view I prayed, “God, if you created this huge ocean and all these rocks and the whole universe, why can’t you change America in just six days? Why can’t you send revival so Christians would start living like Jesus? Why can’t you change our fake religiosity into genuine love? Why can’t you make people love like Jesus and be broken over eternity?”

The answer I got was obvious, but not what I wanted. “Micah, the hearts of men are harder than those stones.” This thought makes me want to preach harder and be more confrontational with carnal believers. But then I remember… God isn’t fair.

God isn’t fair:

God gave me breath.
My wrongs put Him to death.
God isn’t fair.

God lives the golden rule.
But to others I’ve been cruel.
God isn’t fair.

God made the seas.
Yet, I do as I please.
God isn’t fair.

God Authored The Book.
Its truth I forsook.
God isn’t fair.

My sins are so great.
And He pitied my state.
God isn’t fair.

My thoughts are so wrong.
God endures it so long.
God isn’t fair.

My best day is a shame.
God is always the same.
God isn’t fair.

My heart is conceited.
God’s forgiveness repeated.
God isn’t fair.

Jesus suffered my pain!
He bore my sins’ stain!
God isn’t fair.

Jesus won my liberty!
His death has set me free!
God isn’t fair.

Jesus gives abundant life!
His resurrection ended strife!
God isn’t fair.

Jesus just wants your trust.
His blood can make you “just.”
God isn’t fair.

I have a home above.
Where God will shower love.
God isn’t fair.

I have joy below.
Just so others know.
God isn’t fair.

I have peace inside.
Jesus alone supplied.
God isn’t fair.

I have strength for here.
He took all my fear.
God isn’t fair.

If you need a friend.
God’s love can mend.
God isn’t fair.

If your life is a fail.
Jesus’ blood can avail.
God isn’t fair.

If you’re falling apart.
Jesus gives a new start.
God isn’t fair.

If you’re deep in despair.
Gods always there.
God isn’t fair.

Romans 2:4
Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

If it wasn’t for God’s grace my life would be ruined. I want revival. I want the world to be saved. But it will only happen because God isn’t fair. He is just and my justifier. Christians, let’s show others God’s love. We haven’t received what we deserve.

Wow… I’m glad God isn’t fair!

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