I’d Rather Have Jesus

Something I was thinking about today! Good read.

Just Chasing Sunsets

“I would kill to be as rich as she is,” my friend said as we were discussing a mutual friend whose family is well-off financially. What my friend said stuck with me, and this same concept came up in conversation later that day when I was texting my mother.47db67c92ecde8064e83aaee27615582

“The fear of being poor is my motivation for graduating college,” I said to my mom during a conversation about the fact that sometimes I just feel like giving up in college. My mother, in all her wisdom, shot down this concept with yet another jewel of insight.

“Poor comes in many forms. Some of the wealthiest people are poor, then again, some of the poorest people are the wealthiest.”

Such a simple concept and it is one that I think more people (including myself) need to meditate on more often.

I didn’t grow up in a family that had a…

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